Artist in Residency at rondo studios in Graz, Austria

Artist in Residency at rondo studios in Graz, Austria

From April till June

AiR at Rondo studios, Province of Styria artists’ apartments – an international networking project.

About Rondo:

Live-in and working studios provided by the region of Styria, networking creative people from all genres. The architectural design of the studios provides the framework for a stimulating exchange between the individual artists, and space for dynamic international cultural networking. Joint presentations promote successful contact between the residents, cultural professionals and an interested public.

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About my project at Rondo:

In order to create a space, I use my own perception and at the same time I try to exploit light as a tool of creation. Light & space constitute the ontological state of my creation. Shapes of spatial perception and spatial movement are connected through light investigation, that ́s why the importance of light in art represents the basis of my exploration.
My artistic plans at RONDO is to create a video project titled; “Embodying Light – choreographing Space” in collaboration with local artist.
The aspect of this project deals with light & body in movement, taking into account that object movement is not necessarily that of a human, rather it could be any object in motion.

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