Ecoismi 2013, an event organized and promoted by the City of Cassano d’Adda, who places the roots of territory in a dialogue with the languages of art and the creativity.
The aim is, enhancing local resources and to encourage the promotion of young Italian and international artists.
In the Park of Island Borromeo, artists realize twelve site-specific installations, able to create a natural relation between art and the environment, culture and local identity.The artworks have an aesthetic and cognitive value, in relation to the processes and transformations that affect the environment and the present condition, to trigger a reflection on ecological and sustainable dynamics.

The Blackout project by Ada Kobusiewicz introduces us to the theme of ongoing climate change on our planet and invites to reflect on the question of energy savings.Blackout harnesses the power of the sun to cast its message in shadow, and consequently draws attention to climate change.

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