Project Description


Serbia, 2014, single-channel video, 10’30”
color, stereo, no dialogue, aspect ratio 16×9

Azotara is an experimental video about space, light and body in movement. My intention was to explore the possibility of the art of light and dance. In Azotara we try to make visible what is normally invisible, the voluminosity of light and space. Light, which ordinarily remains on the fringe of consciousness as a vague concept, has a physical presence; and by perceiving Light itself in an empty, abandoned space, rather than a representation of light, we are able to conceptualize more concretely what before may have been loose and abstract. In this environment, light gains a more palpable presence; it becomes the sensory material that allows for a bodily experience of art as an aesthetic experience. We are completely absorb by the space. We perceive different shadows, small and alone in an infinite and unknowable universe. We have no way of locating and positioning ourselves in reality, so we transcend into the infinite unknown.
The light projected on the wall is not natural sunlight; it is artificial, a product of technology, a product of transition. We move in a transitory space, somewhere between something and nothing.


The “Best SEEtalents Experimental” award at at the Naoussa International Film Festival in Greece, 2014

Second Prize at ShortCuts Experimental Dance Festival in Graz, Austria, 2014


Interfilm Berlin – 30th International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany / Independent and short film festival Film Front, Novi Sad, Serbia / The Naoussa International Film Festival, Greece / Short Cuts International Dance Festival, Graz, Austria/ Alternativ Film and Video Festival, Belgrad, Serbia//Kratki Metar, Short Film Festival, Belgrad, Serbia//Director Lounge, Urban Research, Berlin, Germany

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