Project Description

Dance of desire | 2011

with Igor F. Petković

performance & photography, c-print 70×100, 150×100, signed, Graz, Austria

What is the smallest possible group, which ties are the closest ones, where does your longing lead to?

Inspired by the film ”South“ by Fernando Solanas from 1988, with the light design by Felix Monti, the cinematographer whose ideas are much closer to theatre light – because of his use of cool values, blue, high brightness, searching for the source of light from only one position, which allow him create the ambience from the 50´s – and moved by the text from the film:
the powerful force of desire now it seems that even desire is forbidden what is desire for you? it’s what moves you the most, its the purest thing which is around you is there something more fabulous then the desire to be yourself? desire to understand, desire to see, desire to give, desire to love

The conceptual idea of showing art in a sensual way leads us to involve our bodies in the performance. In a dance. In a dancing couple. In a loving unity. Our intention was not to create the ambient from the 50´s, but to open up our inner space, to jump the borders of our bodies, to use our bodies as a tool of art of light and emotions that, depending on the point of view, we are going through, sometimes without realizing it. On the one side, there is a strategy to use snake light in our performance in order to nourish our desire; however, the space created by us is really a mishap, as the light decides to reveal one or other part of the body. In one instant, the light makes our bodies sharp, and in the other deforms and dehumanizes them, transporting us to a poetic place where the sensuality of waves goes through the spectator without any intellectual understanding of the performance. With every movement, we get more and more tied and connected. The tango gives us the rhythm of true sensuality. The light becomes a metaphor for desire, emotions and passion.