Project Description


metal, glass, optical fiber, Schloss Lind

Stefan Lozar (construction)

The project ERINNERN focuses on the power of memory and remembering, the power which efforts us to evaluate our past and most importantly, learning from our mistakes. Remembering our past, both individually and communally, is critical in order to wisely assess our future direction.

Memories are messages from the past that, if read properly, can become a powerful road map helping us navigate the future.

History is one of the most important humanities and social sciences. It creates a kind of bridge between the past and the present, documenting what has passed and became the part of primarily humanity. The history of World War II is particularly important in the context of the project, the memory which is still fresh and still strongly penetrating international relations between people and states. Therefore, the history is an important element in shaping reality. Behaviour patterns are recorded in the past, it is the past that is the source of experience and valuable lessons from which humanity should draw conclusions so as not to once again make the same mistakes.

The function of remembering implies the production of object, which is not static repositories but dynamic triggers of perception through which remembrance is activated.