Project Description

The motions of bodies. Four states of matter | 2016

with Anders Vestergaard & Kåre Elers

Audiovisual installation, 6 channel video, colour, black&white, stereo, no dialogue, aspect ratio 16:9, ESC Medien Kunst Labor Gallery, Graz, Austria

All matter is alive. In the entire universe there is not a particle which is still for the minutest part of a second, instead they ceaselessly draw lines in space. The stars, planets, our planet, flow and ebb, our hearts and thoughts, our dreams, all constantly move, vibrate and march unstoppably. In this project we can observe how things are connected and how they interact. How non-human things can perform for human bodies and what kind of impact they make on them.The interconnectedness of elements, floating around space, create unique choreographic pieces. Then human bodies convert into an audience for performing non-human matter. In Four States of Matter choreography leaps over its anthropocentric framing to explore non-human matter. In this piece the spaces mutually penetrate themselves. The notion of space contains the important concept of dialogue among the elements that create it.

The abstract images surpass the space. They allow an uncontrolled place for the public’s imagination. The installation shows four different choreography pieces created through audiovisual installation. Each piece deals with the motion of one state of matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma.