From dust to light

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Project Description

From dust to light

Serbia, 2012, single-channel video, 02’25”
color, stereo, no dialogue, aspect ratio 16×9

with Igor F. Petković

From dust to light was made in an old sawmill near Novi Sad. After arriving there, we discovered that it was full of sawdust that we have finally used beside my body as a means of displaying the natural light, coming inside through cracks in the wooden wall.
That day never repeated itself. At the sunset, my body and the sawdust were never the same, although we returned to the place several times. The stimulating, burning heat of the color of light turns into an infinite ochre, the lightness of the sawdust becomes an unpleasant rattle, and the movement of my body generates exaggerated, uncoordinated and clumsy movements.

As Adolphe Appia said, light is a very powerful substance, but nevertheless the moments generated by its presence are very fleeting.

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