Off transfer transit

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Project Description

Off-transfer transit is a dance performance created in cooperation with the association SUPERART from Granada, a school and a performance arts company for people with disabilities, which believes that art is something inherent to being. Superart promotes wealth, quality and avant-garde on the stage: We don´t care how we move, but what moves us. We are looking for the aesthetic things, providing new views of the cultural expression of people with disabilities.
Off-transfer transit is a project comprised of multiple actions of performing dance and theatre, visual images, interactivity and body experiences. “Off-transfer transit” investigates the fundamental questions of human condition through expressive and visual production of the art of being.
I consider this collaboration as one of the most significant in my humble artistic career, where I made an in–depth study of non-verbal language. People with disabilities require special attention, and they are looking for other forms of communication. During the performance there are no supervisors on stage to help them play. Light in this performance develops a new role, the role of a supervisor.
Light is more than a dancing couple. It begins the dance performance and guides it. Light opens the first scene and marks out the space of the act, enclosing the dancers within a limited space. Different colors of light in the performance drive to different emotions on the stage. A cool light builds an iceberg block and a yellow light melts it.
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