Project Description

Tara | 2015

five-channel video colour,  aspect ratio 16×9

Tara develops in the world of a newborn baby, putting emphasis on her body movements provoked by different emotions, absolutely real and transparent.

Tara ́s body movements have amazed me since the early days of her life, they are something new, something I was not aware of before, which I find extremely fascinating. They provoked me to reflect on the adult world, my world, so different from the world of Tara, especially on the emotional level. Tara ́s mind and body interact.Her emotions directly affect her body. Her physical, tangible sphere, extended in space, interacts with the intangible, private world, ordered in time but not in space.

The installation shows a newborn baby from different points of view. Not as a cute miniature of a human but as a growing personality. Intentionally I try to hide the face of Tara so that we can focus on her movements to reevaluate the human body and its natural behaviour.

The work starts with the somnolent body, it continues as she slowly awakens and finishes when she is completely alert (regained conscience).
The style of this work is absolutely experimental and it is a work in progress, as I would like to continue to reveal her upcoming movements till she stands up.