Project Description

Transparadox | 2020

with Werner Schimpl

Site-specific installation, Austria

Materialen: Box aus Holz, Styropor, Aluminium und Spanntuch | 7 THC Cannabis Plants  | 1 x 600 W Lamp | 1x Pin Spot Led | 7 x ADJ UB 9H Led | 3 x Ventilator | Bottels

In this work, the first cooperation between K.ADA and Schimpl, the artists reopen the discussion on the legalization of cannabis by confronting it with commonly available alcohol. Cannabis is a recreational and medicinal drug, used in the treatment of cancers, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and other debilitating conditions. Alcohol is an addictive recreational drug which suppresses both motor and brain functions, fuels anti-social behavior and has potentially lethal side-effects. Given the great ignorance and fear people have of cannabis, its effects and its uses, and its automatic association with illegality, the work of K.ADA and Schimpl confronts the viewer with the unknown existing reality.